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Chris Energy – My Vision is Clear

Chris Energy did a bunch of singles on HNR Records which are OK but pretty inconsistent. Some of the tracks are good but a lot are are really rough (both soundwise and song-wise). Still, you often see a lot of these HNR Records around for bare cheap, so they’re worth dropping on a turntable and checking out… Chris Energy’s later stuff on Reinforced is much better though.
Here’s one of the better (maybe the best?) tune from those early HNR records… it uses the acapella of Cuba Gooding – Happiness is Just Around The Bend, which was also used in Foul Play “The Alchemist”, Naz Aka Naz “Started Again”, and numerous other oldschool tracks.

Chris Energy – My Vision is Clear

Also, for anyone curious what the original sampled track sounds like:

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