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Jungletrain radio show 4/11/2012 – mp3 and tracklist

OK, here’s a recording of the jungletrain radio show I just did last night. 2.5 hours or so, 59 tracks. I actually didn’t let myself listen back to the whole thing because if I did I’m sure I’d get self conscious about some of the dodgy mixes and not post it… This week, I started out with some 95 type stuff (ragga jungle, choppy atmospheric tracks, etc), then jumped back to 91, eventually moving back up through 93 or so. Kind of a weird way to do it and I can’t help but feel it lost a bit of energy slowing down suddenly after that first hour, but I figured it’d be fun to do something other than the usual slow>fast build through the years.

Here’s the mp3 and a tracklist, with links to any tracks I played which are available on this blog. In the spirit of full disclosure, any tracks available on the blog were played using the same 320 mp3s I’ve got uploaded here via control vinyl – been finding that is a good way to discover bad rips and check the quality of what I’m actually putting on the site. If that bugs you though, stick to the first and last hour since those were vinyl (as well as any other non-clickable track below)

If you like what you hear, then tune in live next time. It’s way more fun when people are chatting in the jungletrain irc room, making requests,posting about it on facebook or twitter or whatever. Since this timeslot doesn’t seem optimal for some uk + euro people I might start doing occasional weekend shows in the afternoon UK time / crazy early Boston time to see if those go any better. Regardless though, thanks to everyone that DID tune in and was in the chat – see you in two weeks!

Shy FX – & Gunsmoke – Gangsta Kid
Trip – The Crack
Tom & Jerry – Maximum style (Nasty Jungle Remix)
Fusion – Feelings
Darren H & Punisher – Feelin gSorry
Oaysis – Outcry
Voyager – Eastern Promise
Flytronix – Ricochet
DJ Massive – Fantasy
Dub Technicians – Mindscape
M-Beat – Rumble
XTC – The WAy
Zinc – on Fire Tonight
DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith- Lovable
((((reset back to 91))
Sonic Experience – MTS (Murder those Speakers)
Lethal – Techno Stylin
Powerslide – Noise (Elevated Mix)
Streets of Rage 2 – theme song
Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds to Comply
Turntable Symphony – Instructions of Life
Insomnia – Raise the Roof
Cosmo *& Dibbs – Up Keys
Sonic Experience – Everybody get Crazy
Crossfade – Here We Go Again
Chemical – Heaven
Tribal Instinct- Coming on Strong
DJ Phantasy – Gonna Rock Your Body
Hyper on Experience – Frightener
Jem 77 – Forbidden Planet
DJ Phantasy & Gemini – Ruff Beats Producing the Bass
Unique 3 – Open Up Your Mind
X-static – Ready 2 Go
DJ Dextrous Ruffneck Bizznizz (Midifusion Mix)
Darkman – Escape from the planet of The zombie droids
Prime Minister & the Chancellor – Red Lion
Criminal Minds – Drums of Doom
Aphrodite – Raw Motion
MC Lethal – The Phantom – Opera Mix
Cool Hand Flex – Hold Back
Striaght from the Bedroom – Box Opened
A Guy Called Gerald – too Fucked To Dance
Shades of Rhythm – MCDJ
LTJ Bukem + Tayla – Bang the Drum
Mega City 2- Love You Give
Vibes & Wishdokta – Breakin Thru’

7 Replies to “Jungletrain radio show 4/11/2012 – mp3 and tracklist”

  1. yup! and posted in the group and on facebook and on here about it. It’s at a reliable time every other wednesday.

  2. Excellent mix!

    Are the ????????? ones unknown white labels…..?

    I’d really like an ID on the one between Prime Minister & the Chancellor – Red Lion and Criminal Minds – Drums of Doom.

  3. oooooo you tease! lol

    a bit difficult to tune in live for me as i live in the UK, but i’ll do my best 🙂

    Loving the blog as always 🙂

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