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Turntable Symphony – Instructions Of Life

Most tunes I can easily break down and describe why I think they’re so great. Then there’s tunes like this one, which I really can’t say much about but which I still love to the core. It’s just amazing uplifting 91 stuff. One thing to note is the artists behind it: Turntable Symphony was aka the Blapps Posse, whose “Don’t Hold Back” single was supposedly very influential to the Baltimore breaks scene (pretty sure I’ve got that record stashed somewhere..). These two also went on to found Freestylers, which Aston is still a member of today.

Turntable Symphony – Instructions of Life

My copy of this next track comes off the Turntable Symphony mini album, but I assume it’s the same as on the full single release:

Turntable Symphony – Instructions of Life (Blapps Posse Remix)

In addition to Turntable Symphony, Blapps Posse and Freestylers, Aston also did some excellent 93-94 hardcore jungle tunes w/ DJ Rap as both DJ Rap and Aston and as Engineers Without Fears. I’d especially recommend “Vertigo”, which is just a amazing slice of catchy hardcore with wicked remixes. Check the original below, and then go buy their tunes here.
DJ Rap & Aston – Vertigo

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  1. Thoroughly liking this stuff – this was poppy and uplifting enough to have been (even though it wasn’t…) in the (UK pop) charts (at the time), but somehow it keeps it’s underground cred intact w/ killer production and flow. Like it, like it, like it!

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