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DJ Phantasy & Gemini – Ruff Beats Producing Bass

This track is more well known than what I normally post, but I’m sure there’s a number of people who check this site who don’t know it. I actually had a super obscure tune queued up to post, but was listening to it and decided I don’t even like it that much… Even though I do want to try to focus on lots of lesser known tracks on here, a good tune is a good tune and obscurities-for-the-sake-of-obscurities get old after a while.

“Ruff Beats” is one of the bigger Phantasy & Gemini tracks, behind their classic “Never try the Hippodrome”. The chopped female vocal part 53 seconds in is undoubtedly one of my favorite hardcore melodies. This whole track, and more generally a lot of Liquid Wax stuff, reminds me what I like about oldskool hardcore to begin with: tunes which are catchy but also strange and mucked up in some way. No hands in the air piano style, just crazy jungle beats, tweaked melodies and catchy hiphop vocal cuts.

3 Replies to “DJ Phantasy & Gemini – Ruff Beats Producing Bass”

  1. yes a class tune for sure, still play this now from time to time
    Very underrated producers Phantasy and Gemini, very good production skills for the time

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