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Lethal – Execute the Techno Stylin

I’m not sure whether this track counts as outright hardcore or hardcore hiphop / britcore… either way, it’s a keeper! You might recognize the intro from MC Lethal’s “Rave Digger”, which makes me wonder whether this EP is by the same MC Lethal or whether it was just sampled on that EP. Overall, “Execute” was certainly a much less well known tune than “Rave Digger” and maybe this isn’t as good of an EP, but that’s not saying much since “Rave Digger” was such a classic. Certainly, this tune is a lot better than the current 2.5/5 rating on discogs lets on.

The version posted here is the main mix on the A side, which is pressed at 45 and contains just this track – hence it’s loud and clear. The B side is pressed at 33, has 3 tracks, and is a bit more inconsistent, both sound quality and song-wise. There’s an alternate mix of this tune (also pretty good), a somewhat unexciting housey hardcore track and one ultra grimey low-fi hardcore experiment which is strictly for the die-hard obscurity fanatics… I thought about posting it here but I’d rather leave it for those types who actually want to go through the hassle of tracking down this EP. There’s also an alternate non-white label version of the EP available Here, with an added interview track and picture sleeve which looks to contain quite a lot of info… shame since I’m sure that would clear up a lot of questions I have about this EP and I’d be curious to hear that interview, but not ready to track down a whole other copy for it. If anyone has the picture sleeve version though and wants to fill us in with some info from it, please leave a comment below.

Lethal – Techno Stylin

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