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Tribal Instincts – Coming On Strong

This first track is on the Out of Orbit label, which was a sublabel of Orbital Records (who released solid EPs like The After Dark EP and DJ Trace – Inception).

Tribal Instincts – Coming On Strong

Next, here’s the original M-D-Emm track as sampled in the previous tune… Tons of chopped riffs in this, really classic stuff. Up until recently the Strictly Underground site was still selling some of their EPs, howerver I just checked and the website seems to have dissapeared, so I’m tentatively putting it up here for now… may remove the DL link in a day or two though.

M-D-Emm – Get Down (Hands in the Air Mix)

3 Replies to “Tribal Instincts – Coming On Strong”

  1. big thx for bringing these back~! Trace really came out w/ a lethal debut… Inception – such a classic tune. I love that Trace and Bukem created magic w/ ‘Teach me to Fly/Inception’ back in ’92! No Techstep vs. ‘Intelligent’ DnB marketing bullshit at that point…

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