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Nick Ball – E-Motions EP

Some releases take a while to adjust to, and get better and better with more listens. Other releases start off sounding great but the novelty wears off over time. I’d say Nick Ball’s “E-Motions” EP is a bit more towards the latter for me. I still like it, but it was definitely a record which I was REALLY into at first, but which wore off after a few weeks of owning it. This is especially true of “We gonna rock”, which uses the classic Landlord “I like it” piano line. The synth is pretty mad and works well with the piano, the drums are tight. Everything is going great until it drops into a happy piano part early on… the same one as in Vibes & Wishdokta – “Peakin’ Through My Window”. This just kills the track momentum in my opinion. Nonetheless, it’s a good tune on a good EP, well worth checking out.

Nick Ball – We Gonna Rock

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