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Magnox – Ragamanic

Here’s a cool white label I got while buying a bunch of EPs in bulk years ago. There was some garbage in the lot, but I also ended up with STU-J “Gadget” and this EP, both of which are wicked 91 hardcore jams.

I have no idea who Magnox were… it looks like they released one EP prior to this one. If anyone can tell me any information on them, I will add it here. “Ragamanic” has some massive portamento synths and decent ragga vocals, and since neither of those elements seem to be going out of style in electronic music anytime soon, I’m sure these tracks will still be of interest to some people. Once the synths kick in on the little ragga vocal breakdown, it starts to remind me a bit of Knifehandchop of all people (?!!)

Magnox – Ragamanic (A Side)
In theory there’s supposed to be two tracks on the A side, but they kind of merge together, so I recorded the A-side as one long mp3.

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