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Entire Kniteforce & KF sublabels backcatalog online as free mp3s!!

what the ffffuuuuuuu……

First 15 Kniteforce Records are absolutely ESSENTIAL, but there are plenty of dope ones sprinkled after that. Also some great stuff on the sub labels like remix records, 2 croozin etc.

Also, all this bandwidth is probably going to cost him a lot, so click that donate button on the front page of his site, or click the one below, or just paypal him directly and send him some money!!!

Donate to Kniteforce / Luna C

2 Replies to “Entire Kniteforce & KF sublabels backcatalog online as free mp3s!!”

  1. Luna-C is the man, hands down such a good hearted person too. His and KF/KFA’s material is my primary inspiration for what i do..

    check out the facetime release, that’s my old alias 🙂

  2. def one of the best labels, all time IMO. even the hhc stuff stands up pretty well, in a field of stuff that really doesn’t.

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