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Category: Tunes

DJextreme & Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio Sets June 27th 2016

Here are last Sunday’s sets – a ripping set from Tim Reaper, and an extra-special guest mix by Phil from As mentioned in a previous post, I don’t post many guest mixes here since there’s lots of other websites which are good for that sort of thing. What I didn’t mention though is that,…

Another Dimension – Twilight Zone (Key of Imagination Mix)

Here’s a long time favorite which still seems to be going for reasonably cheap, though the original is a bit harder to find. Strange since I definitely like the original, but this remix wins for me, no doubt about it. Nothing too crazy going on here element-wise. As you’d expect, you get the twilight zone…

Blame & Justice – Murderin’ M.C.

Anybody into their hardcore knows Blame “Music Takes You” and Justice & Mercy “Sooth My Soul”. Before those two tunes though, Blame and Justice collaborated on this obscure hardcore bleeper on Chill Recordings. You can tell based on both these tracks that these guys were big into their hip hop back then (who wasn’t?). The…


Just a quick note that my labels latest release is now up for pre-order… Out in 2 weeks! for the full info!