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Jules – Love Me (Digital Pressure Drum & Bass Mix)

With the crazy prices most 94-95 jungle is going for, it’s probably worth posting some nice cheaper unknown things – though almost all jungle has risen quite a bit the past few years, there’s still some obscurities going for next to nothing. In this case, at the time of posting this, this EP has 8 copies for sale, none for more than 5 quid (plenty for a pound or two).

What we have here is a decidedly non jungle single, but with two different jungle remixes by Digital Pressure aka SDR & Subsonic. You might remember them from the “Watch this Space” tune I posted many years ago, a huge personal favorite. While this tune isn’t quite THAT good, it’s a solid jungle remix through and through, with original vocals which aren’t amazing but are sort of used as good as they can be.
For more info, check the promo sheet which came with my copy below the tune. Also, grab the EP so you can have the other remix. Big respect to Adrian & Kelly!

Jules – Love Me (Digital Pressure Drum N Bass Mix)

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