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Manna & Robbaman – Bam Diddly

These days, it feels like it’s getting rarer and rarer to find an early 90’s jungle or hardcore related record without any audio online or without a bunch of the “usual suspects” liking and posting about it. Here’s one EP which is a notable exception, made even more surprising by the fact that it was reissued on a rather large label (R&S Records). I’m guessing lots of other people have missed this one since it’s listed as “trip hop / ambient” despite having a jungle/hardcore feel to the tunes. Despite coming out in 95, it’s got a bit more of a 92 dubby, off kilter, ragga hardcore feel – the tunes are quite far from standard polished 95 ragga jungle, sounding a bit more like the Mazaruni stuff I posted a while back. So maybe ‘jungle dub” is the right genre for this? The artists behind it seemed to have done a fair bit of succesful downtempo / ambient / dubby stuff, which most likely explains the style associated with this release. Certainly an interesting obscurity to check out!

Since there wasn’t any audio online, rather than posting one mp3 here I decided to post all the tracks on youtube.

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