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Paul DC – One More Day in Paradise

Back for the first time in ages!! It’s no secret that this blog is mostly dormant these days, but seeing as I just got a bit of free time I figured I’d throw a tune or two up and see if anyone is still checking it. I always liked to focus on quite obscure / overlooked tracks, but due to the general explosion of oldskool jungle & hardcore interest the past few years, it’s getting harder and harder to find tracks that aren’t already youtubed and being passed around facebook groups, having their prices inflated on discogs. So, trying to get as obscure as I can with actual releases that made it to wax, here’s a real oddball release I nabbed on a whim. The artist behind it also did more mainstream-aimed stuff, and in fact the third track on this release (not posted here) isn’t hardcore, so I’ve omitted it. Combine that fact with the very prominent vocals in both tunes, and it’s sort of unclear whether to fully class this as “hardcore” or not, but the music itself fits the bill (breaks, stabs, pads etc), and despite not being something I’d rush to throw in a mix, I’ll admit this has gotten it a bit stuck in my head recently. One for the obscurity crew, anyway.

Paul DC – One More Day in Paradise

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