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Drumatix – Crank Dis

Thanks to everyone who locked in on Sunday! As much as I want to post the sets up ASAP, I’ll give you a couple of nice tunes first, starting with this wicked 92 track by Rennie Pilgrim and (I assume) his brother. For me, this tune is all about the main breakbeat. It seems like, just a few years after this (94), everyone was mainly focusing on think, amen, sesame street and maybe 2-3 more “acceptable” breakbeats in various combinations. But in earlier tunes like this, you often had a wider variety of breaks present, including the main one which comes in 14 seconds in and ends up being layered with a classic amen variant. Perhaps this is because some of those earlier breaks might not scale up or sound as good when pitched to 165-170 bpm. Regardless, it’s certainly nice hearing them in this context. Aside from the breakbeat, this tune is chock full of classic rave stabs and samples that sort of careen from part to part. There’s not much in the way of subtle flow and delicate songwriting, just banging (and cheap!) 92 hardcore that is well worth checkingt.

Drumatix – Crank Dis

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