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BTTO Radio Sets August 7th 2016

BTTO Radio is back tomorrow, August 21st at 5pm EST / 10pm UK on Both Tim and I are playing stuff more on the darkside of things. In the meantime, here’s the sets from the last show. I really dug Tim’s set and it’s got a fair bit of play (from me and others). I also really dug my own set (which is a bit unusual), it hasn’t got a big response but it’s nice to play back a set of my own and have few if any cringe moments 🙂 Hope I can keep that momentum going with tomorrow night’s sets!

By the way, I might live stream the second hour of the Jungletrain show tomorrow, so if you’re going to be around and want to see awful footage of my turntables with records being put on them and cued up over and over, check out the Blog to the Oldskool Facebook Page which I’ll be streaming from.

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Back in the Daze, Pt 1 (Boston Jungle Article)

My buddy Geoff / G-White just posted the first part in a series on the Jungle/Drum & Bass scene here in Boston. Really nice stuff so far, short and to the point with excellent flyers and photos from parties. Of particular interest to me since I’m from here, but some of you might also be a bit interested in what was brewing across the pond back then 🙂


Poetiq Mindz – Good Loving

Here’s a nice one-off jungle EP that’s reasonably cheap and slept on. All four tracks are extra vibey uplifting stuff, no crazy amens in sight (which is probably why it hasn’t jumped up in price a lot), just lots of laid back think break, pianos and pads. No info at all on the artists unfortunately…if anyone finds any info, post it here!

Poetiq Mindz – Good Loving

Original DJ Vibes – Skin Up

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been motivated to post a tune on here. Last night I was rooting around a bit and found this tune, and couldn’t wait to play it in a DJ set.

Original DJ Vibes is a really underrated producer in my opinion, from earlier hardcore days through to jungle stuff (and even some early dnb if I remember right). He just cranked out tons of tunes (mostly on his own labels) during that time, and the hit/miss ratio is pretty damn good! This EP is no exception, with this tune in particular showcasing elements I like the most about 92-93 hc/jungle (the rugged experimentalism / “anything goes” nature) before things got a bit more stripped down and stabilized in the 94-95 era. Here, you get some good but standard elements like the ragga vocal and some of the pads and background sounds. But there’s also a weird water drip sound integrated in with the breakbeat, and the break itself sounds extra crunchy, leading this tune to sound maybe even a bit more 92 than 93. Finally, though it’s a minor detail, there’s a nice edit about 24 seconds in which reminds me of a rugged BRAIN RECORDINGS b2 side tune: one of those “so wrong it’s right’ type parts where an entire sequence is pitched up and down without regard to tempo, making everything go intentionally off-kilter for just a second. Love it!

Original DJ Vibes – Skin Up

DJextreme & Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio Sets June 27th 2016

Here are last Sunday’s sets – a ripping set from Tim Reaper, and an extra-special guest mix by Phil from As mentioned in a previous post, I don’t post many guest mixes here since there’s lots of other websites which are good for that sort of thing. What I didn’t mention though is that, whenever I make that statement, I’m usually referring to 2 websites in particular, one of which is Phil’s site 🙂 True to form, Phil really delivered the goods here, packing the mix full of excellent but obscure tunes that have “BTTO Radio” written all over them. A couple of these are well known and played regularly on the BTTO Radio (AKA – Farside), but there’s more which I’ve slept on or didn’t even realize I owned (the first two tracks in particular). Others I’ve played a few times but have hidden from tracklists as “??”. And a few are awesome exclusive unreleased 93 tines from the likes of Roni Size and Krust (!!!), which you likely won’t be hearing in any other mixes anytime soon. Finally, Phil even chucked a track from my label’s latest, 8205-003, in there for good measure!

I say it a lot but, it can’t be said enough… big respect to Phil and JJ/deepinside for all their work posting and tracklisting sets as well as giving countless IDs. I hope everyone enjoys these two sets as much as I do, and if so, then please share them around and help spread the word!
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BTTO Radio – May 29th 2016

Here’s the sets from the Sunday before last… ehhhh, to be honest, these shows felt a bit off. Tim and I were meant to do 95->92 roughly in order and then 92->95, but the order fell away as did the strict year restrictions to a degree. Also, despite not saying a word to each other as to what tracks we were going to play ahead of time, Tim managed to play 3 or 4 of the ~30 tunes I had put aside to play second hour (all of them “must play” ones) in his first hour set. Kind of weird brain sync-up thing.

Originally I wasn’t even going to post these, but listening back there’s nice tracks in each and, hey, maybe some of you need a couple random mixes to listen to the middle of the week!
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Mad Bats – Wake the Town

OK, one more another mega obscurity. I promise I’ll get back to the slightly more well known stuff soon! Here’s something I found a few years ago while digging through non-UK oldskool jungle related listings on discogs (in this case, stuff from the US). I got it for a buck, had it in my sell pile for a while, then recently chucked it on the decks for one last listen while grabbing stuff for a recent record fair. For some reason, I kinda liked it in an odd way, so kept it for now… Honestly, I can’t fully justify that as there’s nothing too crazy happening here, just a classic reggae sample stuttered and some vaguely trancey synths with dnb-ish beats. But it is a nice combo and stuck with me a bit. Of course no idea about the artist, and the label put out all sorts of electronic stuff from house music to techno hardcore, acid, etc One thing I can guarantee is that almost no one checking this blog (short of Tykal) has probably heard this before, so here, give it a listen.

Mad Bats – Wake The Town

The First Instalment – Enity A1

Here’s an interesting mega-obscurity supposedly on Entity Records. I’ve only ever seen two copies before. Gotta say, it’s one of these ones where you can kind of understand why it didn’t get a full release, but still it’s a fun tune with some nice moments and an absurd amount of samples chucked in the fray. Some of those samples are pretty nice, like the little timestretch break layered with the beatboxing most likely sampled from Kaotic Chemistry “Illegal Subs”, or the “Dedicated to all those who like it hot” line from MC Moose. Some a bit more ropey, like the extended Alexander O’Neil “If You were Here” bit. Probably not going to jump to the front of anyone’s wantlist, but a fun tune for sure if you ever chance across a copy!

The First Instalment – Enity A1