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Radio Show Archive 25.11.18

Sunday, 25th November we had another edition of the BTTO Radio Show, blessings to everybody who tuned in and participated in chat. Last Sunday was a bit calmer, and there were a few mishaps, but archives don’t reflect those, so if you want the full experience you need to tune in live.

  Pete DevNull took the first hour with bare freshers and a few obscure ones thrown in the mix. My picks from the mix are “DJ Wax- Thunderbirds (Dev/Null bootleg remix)” and “Lemon D – Deep Space Pt 2”.

  Tim Reaper had the second hour, and he refused to use his mic for most of the show, even tho his mic was sounding crisp. The mix was lovely. My picks from the mix are “Dillinja – Music” and “Desired State – Beyond Bass”.

Pete DevNull 25th Nov 2018:

Tem Pla – Summer Madness
?????? (unknown likely unreleased – ID pls if you recognize it)
Justice – Edge of Space
The Extremist – Journey to the other World
Origination – Sunrise
Lemon D – Deep Space Pt 2
Adam F – Mystic Dreams
?? – ??
Response + Pilskin – The Mancunian Way
Tim Reaper – Dope Break
?? – ??
Pill & Dread – Bogus Brainstorm
Naughty Naughty – 11 A
Roach – Love has Found Me
DJ Wax – Ohh Oh
DJ Hype – Weird Energy (Hell’s Bell’s Mix)
Silkenator – Trapped
?? – ?? (obscurity ID’d in prev BTTO radio sessions)
Virtigo – Chemical Warfare
Dev/Null – PO-33 Tune #5
MA1 – The Switch
?? – ?? [forthcoming 8205] DJ Wax- Thunderbirds (Dev/Null bootleg remix)

Tim Reaper 25th Nov 2018:

Blame & Justice – Nemesis
Flynn & Flora – New World
Spatts & The Lab Rats – Stoopin’
L.V. Cliff – Right Bullet Right Time (Skool Of Hard Knocks Remix)
DJ Force & Evolution – Ruffer
Ellis Dee & Tera – Brock Out
?? – ??
Studio Pressure – The Lightning
Dillinja – Music
PFM – Danny’s Song
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 4 B2
Babylon Cru – Press Up
The Gimp – Your Mind (DJ Rap Mix)
Desired State – Beyond Bass
?? – ??
Formula 7 & Ruffkut – Jodi’s Theme (94 Remix)
Steve C & Tracker D – Tranquility
Full Dread – Living Life
Lex Loofah – Freaky Deaky (Reaper Edit)
Badd 102 – Total Time
?? – ??
Kakoo – Hypnosis

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