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Radio Show Archive 30.09.18

Sunday, 30th September we had another edition of the BTTO Radio Show, blessings to everyone who tuned in and participated in chat. I’m really sorry for the delays, these are all due to my real life happenings, but it will improve soon.

  Tim Reaper had the first hour, and he wasn’t holding no punches, this set is a stomper if there ever was one. My picks from the mix are “Cloud 9 – Gonna Be Alright (Nookie Remix)” and “Legal Offence – Burnin’ Up (Piano Mix)”.

  Pete DevNull wasn’t going to match the hyper speed Tim was putting down, so he did the sensible method of slowing things down before the set started, so he could play the tempo he wanted. My picks from the mix are “Tom & Jerry – Cat Got Your Tongue” and “The Godfather – Look to the Light”.

Tim Reaper 30th Sept 2018:

DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini – Stop The Beat
Rev-P – Rhythm Process
Harmony & Xtreme – Wicked & Bad
The Dream Team – Sweetie
?? – ??
Drum & Bass – Low Down & Funky (ST Files Remix)
Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune
D.O.P.E – When I Was Young (DJ Easy B & T-Bags Revisited Mix)
Cloud 9 – Gonna Be Alright (Nookie Remix)
DJ Trace – Lost Entity (Remix)
Comfort Zone & Tim Reaper – ??
Nut-E-1 – The Warning
?? – ??
?? – ??
007 – Mission 1
DJ Pulse – Stay Calm
Noise Factory – Can You Feel The Rush
Phineus II – ??
DJ’s Unknown – Vol. 4B
Legal Offence – Burnin’ Up (Piano Mix)
Visa – Let Me See Ya Move (Stu Allan ’93 Mix)
Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 7 B2

Pete DevNull 30th Sept 2018:

Sub Love – One By One
Sub Terra – Storm
Unknown Artist – Untitled B2
Bass Selective – Make Me Rush
Criminal Minds – Presence (LCS Dub Mix)
Two Undercover – Unite
The Godfather – Look to the Light
Bad Influence – Dance for Me
2 Boasters – Granny (Dem Riddem Yah)
Gin & Tonic – Let It Go (Dance Master Mix)
Wishdokta – Whine You Bottom
3 Rude Boy – Rude Boy Rambo
Chris Paul – Hold it Down
Acid Beard Massive – Untitled (Cheeky Rush II)
DJ Junk – Untitled (Junk 05)
Flex – Hold Back
Magic Man – Hypnotize Me
Aurora – Firin’ To the Core
Lab Tek – Damned Nation
CO2 – Time Bomb
Uncle 22 – You & Me
Tom & Jerry – Cat Got Your Tongue
Dr S Gachet – Untitled
Deceptive Jon – The Confession (Overlord Mix)
Dillinja – Untitled
Peshay – Catch It

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