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Radio Show Archive 26.08.18

Sunday, 26th August we had another edition of the BTTO radio show, blessings to everyone who tuned in and participated in chat. Sorry about the long delay, my personal life has been madders and all my spare time has gone, so bare with me. Very little commentary because I can’t remember anything from the shows.

  Tim had the first hour and had a few technicals, but the uploaded mix is rerecorded so a lovely listen for sure. My picks “Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 5 A2” and “Liftin’ Spirits – A State Of Mind (Remix)”.

  Pete took the second hour with a heavy and dark selection. This one is also rerecorded for a nice listening experience. My picks are “Jonny 5 – Wikked” and “Bizzy B – MC Mentasm”.

Tim Reaper 26th Aug 2018:

Alias – Jamming
Studio Pressure – Touching Down… Planet Photek
Comfort Zone – I Want U
Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 5 A2
The Ballistic Brothers – I’ll Fly Away
Neil Trix & Danny Mills – Brief Visit
The Groove Syndikut – Hold Me Pt. 2
Alex Reece – Fresh Jive
Kid Lib – ??
DJ Crystl – Live EP
Gwange & Spinback – The Execution
Equinox – ??
The Architex – Blueprint (DJ Pulse Remix)
Vibes & Wishdokta – Midsummer Mist
DJ Pooch – Music’s So
Octave One – Chillin’ Out (94)
J Majik – Lush Life
Liftin’ Spirits – A State Of Mind (Remix)
Kloke – Artificial Memories
?? – ??
Foul Play – Cuttin’ Loose
Circa 96 – Fantasy (Tim Reaper Remix)
Tim Reaper & Coco Bryce – E Is For
Sully – Flock

Pete DevNull 26th Aug 2018:

Code K – If You Believe
Hyperactive – Pressure
Scott & Keith – Get Busy Crew
The Bookworm – Listen
Marcus Pearson & Caleb Lindsay – Distance
Dark & Moody – Untitled
Uncle 22 – ??
Q Project – Night Moves (Original Mix)
?? – ??
Clone Inc – Fear of the Unknown
DJ Reflex – Assassin
Dev/Null – track made from Bizzzy B remix sample pack samples entirely on a PO-33 KO
DJ Demo – Essence
Invisible Man – Space
K Tee & Stakker – The Ladder
Pugwash & Probe – Back from Hell
?? – ??
Bizzy B – MC Mentasm
FBD Project – Faces
In Perfection – Expression (Fear Mix)
Liquid Aliens – Are you Sure You’ll Be OK VIP
?? – ???
Jonny 5 – Wikked !free download: Jonny-5-4 – Wikked-1
DJ Fallout – Ripper
Bizzy B & Pugwash – Temptation

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