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Radio Show Archive 15.10.18

Sunday, 15th October we had another edition of the BTTO Radio Show, blessings to everyone who tuned in and participated in chat. I am so happy that for once I’m not at fault for the archive being late :).

  Pete DevNull had the first hour, and he went in bare hard, some would say as revenge for the last show, but we know he wouldn’t be that petty, but no wheelups for the peopledem. Mix is a total smasher still. My picks are “Kym Mazelle – Missing You (Dillinja Remix)” and “DJ Krust – Chronic 5”.

  Tim Reaper took the second hour and killed it as well plus he did some wheelups. My picks are “Dillinja – Tough Toonz EP A2” and “Hardware – Night Stalker”.

Pete DevNull 15th Oct 2018:

Pinchers – Bandalero
DJ Krust – Chronic 5
Coco Bryce – Ironing Service
Cool Hand Flex – Feel It
Generation X – Feel the Magic
DJ Mongoose & Mink – Red Rum
The X Men – My Soul Rule
?? – ??
Badman – War for 94 (early TP Version)
Kut D – Jungle Posse (Kut Mix)
A-Sides & Fats- Teardown
Dread & The Bald Head – Twenty Four / Seven (Brain Repress)
Kym Mazelle – Missing You (Dillinja Remix)
Odd Man Out – Musical Dis
Centuras – Crisis
Kid Lib – ??
Fats & Flex – Mindblowing
Concept 2 – Critical Level
Shut Up & Dance – Hear This
UFO Squad – Dead & Bury
Red Ant & Fly – Bokal Blood
Reggie Rukus – Mind Elevation
Ruff N Rugged Vol 2
Origination – Sunrise
Mafia – Whatever

Tim Reaper 15th Oct 2018:

RJ – Play It Alone
Noise Factory – We Have It
DJ Mayhem – Metrix (The Remix)
Bizzy B – MC Suicide
Miranda – Back To The Future
DJ Fokus & DJ Stardust – The Theme
DJ Crystl – Inna Year 3000
DJs Unknown – Vol. 2A
Twin Bass – Atmosfear
Dica & Vinyl Groove – 1,000 Times
Unknown Artist – Wake Up EP B2
?? – ??
Citadel Of Kaos – Ronnie’s Revenge
DJ Rap & Aston – Vertigo (QBass Techno Mix)
Double Visions – My Mind is Going (Tango ’93 Dubplate Mix)
Probe & Pugwash – Dominion (Remix)
Underground Software – Electronic Pig
DJ Trace – Definition Of Living (Amen Mix)
The Rude Boy Project – Scary
Dillinja – Tough Toonz EP A2
Equinox – ??
?? – ??
Jim Polo & Neil Vass – Underground Feeling
DJ SS – Breakbeat Pressure (String Of Life Mix)
Hardware – Night Stalker
N.R.G. – I Need Your Love (Space Cube Remix) (Reaper Edit)

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