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Pathfinder – Chartist EP

Here’s an interesting single I picked up at Notting Hill Gate MVE on my recent UK trip. I couldn’t find any audio online, so rather than just ripping one tune I ripped and posted all 3 tracks on YouTube (embedded below), might post one of the tunes here later when I decide which one. I believe this EP is from Switzerland, or at least the vocalist Riddimflirt is (the only other single I see by him on Discogs is a swiss dancehall single). I’m not going to lie and pretend this is a long lost ragga jungle masterpiece, but it IS definitely a fun grab and pretty cool overall!

The A side, “Chartist”, has simple loopy beats, growly bass and a nice bleedy melody/pad combo (probably the best part). On the flip, “Get the Willies” follows a somewhat similar formula, brief ragga vocals repeated intensely but with some nicer breaks and programmed beats on top which almost resemble the “Shack up” breakbeat (but they aren’t). “Fast Credit” starts off sounding the most like a normal classic uk ragga jungle track, sounding quite convincing until partway through where a distorted acid line breaks in which gives it more of a euro feel. I dunno, in this day and age where most everything seems to be posted online and well known, it was cool to find a record like this which I had no clue about, hope some of you like it.

Pathfinder – Chartist [Discogs]

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