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Funky Technicians – Day By Day

Here’s a nice EP I nabbed on my recent UK trip in a 20p bargain bin. As with the other Funky Technicians (aka Total Science) EPs of the time, it’s very much in the intelligent / good looking / smooth and vibey jungle style, though still a little bit rougher around the edges than their other tunes of the time. Nice pitched down think break leading into the choppy amen, with some nice pads, oohs and ahhs and a subtle bleepy background bit which reminds me a bit of “Palamino”.

The label this was released on (“Delta Wave”) never did anything else, and shares a name with another one of their tunes of the time. This makes me wonder if it was in fact run by the Total Science guys as a quick one-off alternative to Legend, or maybe a friend released it as a hasty one-off thing. Either way, it’s definitely a fun little EP to grab.

Funky Technicians – Day By Day

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