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Thumbzo – Jack It

I really try not to post much “new” stuff but I think this warrants sharing. Thumbzo has been kind of an “unsung hero” for online hc/jungle for a long while now – doing great mixes of 92-96 style stuff (plus some house/techno sets) with really nice, solid, listenable selections. Nothing obscure-for-the-sake-of-obscure, nothing anthem bashy, just lots of great stuff. Unfortunately, in the current state of things where everyone and their mom is a dj / too many bosses not enough workers / etc, it seems there’s not much support for straight ahead, well selectored sets played by normal dedicated people. I try to remember to lock to his sets on jungletrain (every other saturday, 12:30-14:30 UK Time), though they’re at a rough time for people in the US. Sometimes it seems like his shows do quite well/there’s lots of people locked in, but I don’t see people talking about his sets on forums / sites like this enough, so… consider this a promo push 🙂

This recent tune by him is nice 95-96 type stuff, though a bit updated / not trying desperately to sound purely 94-95 I think. Warpy bass, crisp amens, a few twists and turns along the way. Good stuff which is fun to mix and free to download.

Also, here’s a bunch of older sets from him to go back and check:

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