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Blacka T – Jungle Ina Mi Heart

Been a while since I posted something sufficiently rare that it’s not even listed on Discogs! Here’s a wicked little ragga jungle record which fits that bill. What makes this EP interesting, aside from the scarcity and format (not many jungle 45s out there), is that it seems more from the dancehall/ragga scene than from the jungle scene. It’s possible a jungle producer was involved since the production is definitely better than, say, this record factory remix album, but I don’t see anything indicating who on the release. Also, the label claims this EP was “Made in Jamaica”, but the distribution company is listed as being in the UK. Maybe that’s just a fake-out and this is actually a pure UK product, but if not, it seems a bit unlikely that it would be produced in the UK, shipped to Jamaica for pressing (bearing in mind the target audience there would be limited since the whole EP is jungle), then shipped back and distributed in the UK?

Regardless of who was involved, “Jungle Ina Mi Heart” is definitely a pretty nice tune. Solid coldsweat/amen break combo, big bass which cuts through surprisingly well given the record format, and a few vocal chops and edits throughout. I definitely prefer the dub version, since that contains vocals but they’re much sparser and don’t dominate the tune as much. Both are pretty nice though. IF anyone has any info on who actually produced this, please leave the info here or feel free to correct the newly created discogs listing.

Blacka T – Jungle Ina Mi Heart EP

Rather than post one download, here’s both tracks in streaming format.

A. Jungle Ina Mi Heart
B. Jungle Ina Mi Heart (Version)

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