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27th Parallel – Listen to Mommy and Daddy

One of these days I’ll follow through with my threat to do an entirely non-UK 91-95 oldskool mix. Until then, here’s another nifty not-made-in-England hardcore tune I’ve dug up over the years. Unfortunately I don’t have any info about the artist, but the label address says Miami,a nd “27th Parallel” is a latitude line intersecting Florida and Texas so, err… you do the math.

The EP has the standard trappings of most us rave related tunes of the time: heavy emphasis on the RAVE and techno, less focus on breakwork. Still, it’s a fun tune, and quite an obscurity – most likely NOT something UK DJs were caning back in these days. That crusty amen clattering away throughout the tune definitely works for me, combined with the veritable potpourri of ravey samples thrown on top (including the classic vocal from the track title). From what I’ve heard, Florida had quite a strong Rave scene back in these days, so this tune makes me wonder what other similar jams might have made it out back then.

27th Parallel – Listen To Mommy And Daddy

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  1. A lot of these vocal samples are on one of the Datafile cd’s (vol.2) I think. They are sampled in the same order as they appear on the disc too! Still a nice dirty sounding track tho. =)

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