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Frankie Paul – Round and Round

It’s been a while since I posted some ragga jungle, here’s a pretty cool and obscure track from a ragga jungle comp by a label in Jamaica… I think it fits nicely with the comment a few days ago regarding those Mazaruni / King Tubby related Jungle records, where someone was mentioning real jungle artists being involved with forrays into jungle by dub/dancehall artists. In contrast, I’m pretty sure this is a record where all people involved were actually from the reggae/dancehall scene.

I picked this comp up not too long ago since I was curious who these remixes were by and what they sounded like. It turns out a lot of these tracks aren’t that great, and in fact quite a few sound like regular dancehall tracks with jungle beats layered on top after the fact. This wouldn’t be so bad in of itself, but the original tracks often have drums which clash (sometimes somewhat brutally) with the jungle breakbeats. However, some of the tracks still sound good, and this tune in particular sounds much more “built from the ground up” than a lot of the others. It’s not too crazy or choppy, but featuring nice rolling breaks over a strong vocal, plus good basic additional elements (synth, etc).

Reagrdless, it’s interesting to hear this in contrast to all the jet star and jungle fashion EPs where Jamaican tracks would get remixed by a jungle artist actually in the UK. If anyone knows that this isn’t the case and there was in fact a ghost producer, feel free to correct me, but I don’t see anyone listed on the release who looks connected to jungle.

Frankie Paul – Round & Round

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