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DJ Stretch – Tom & Jerry Tribute Set

Oh my word… what a mix!!! DJ Stretch just played a set earlier tonight (Saturday) as part of Radio Frontline, and it damn near broke mixlr from all the comments and “likes” it was getting. Featuring practically all the big Tom and Jerry hits, including a bunch of unreleased dubplates and some unreleased remixes/edits.

For the few who don’t know, Tom and Jerry was an alias of Marc Mac and Dego of 4Hero / Reinforced Records. Unlike some of marc + dego’s other work which was quite deep, intelligent and introspective, the Tom & Jerry stuff was aimed strictly towards the dancefloor… so sharplly you’d think they were using a laser guidance system! From record one, these guys had a clear formula with these tunes: combine belgian style hoovers, euphoric rare groove and soul samples, ragga and classic female vocals, massively chopped breakbeats, and heavy duty bass.

This combination allowed them to knock out tunes in a frighteningly short amount of time; I forget the exact amount mentioned in interviews, but it was less than an hour per tune I think? possibly 30 minutes or less for some! Despite that, there’s quite a lot going on in the tracks, and just about every single one is an absolute anthem which ends up being a standout track in whatever mix its featured in. It just goes to show how, at least with dance music, purity of vision and strong simple ideas can really make for some of the best tunes rather than overwrought complexity.

As an indication how much of a MUST LISTEN this mix is, I’m not even posting my mix from this weekend (which was a bit random and not totally to my liking), and posting this set instead. You can dig around for my set if you want, and maybe I’ll post it eventually, but first listen to this and bask in the greatness that is “The Cat & Rat”!

6 Replies to “DJ Stretch – Tom & Jerry Tribute Set”

  1. I’m giving this a listen, bound to be some wicked jungle rollers in this mix =]
    Did anyone else search for a track by Tom & Jerry called Cat & Rat? I did and couldn’t find anythng, then I realised Pete was talking about Tom & Jerry! Who was a mouse.

  2. Killer set from stretch … I looked on the frontlibemixcloud and couldbt see your show to download pete 🙁

  3. @undies yeah I called em that because they have an unreleased dub named “cat and rat” which did the rounds years ago on low bitrate mp3, also featured in this mix I think.

    @eddie, I’ll try to get to it eventually, records are as mess tho and I’ll prob want to cut out some of the junk from it so it may take a while. Glad you liked it though!

  4. thanks for the heads-up on this Pete. The Tom & Jerry stuff was brilliant. such a good show. cat & rat is a massive tune! i had a look but could only find on you tube.

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