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Brock Out Crew – Hard Core Romance

Here’s one of my favorite track on the Slam!/FistToFist series of label, and ironically one of the ones which you can get for not too too much if you look long enough. As I mentioned in this previous post of a tune from Slam!, a lot of the tracks on there are super expensive and in demand, especially by ragga-jungle centric collectors in North America. This one might not be as crazy as the Dread and Bald Head EPs, but it is a mega crowd-pleaser thanks to the massive soul sample throughout (Peabo Bryson – I’ve Been Down) coupled with good ragga vocals and well chopped but not-too-mental drums. It’s a bit reminiscent of the Tom & Jerry stuff of the time, definitely one that I could see working for newer crowds.

Brock Out Crew – Hard Core Romance

5 Replies to “Brock Out Crew – Hard Core Romance”

  1. slam one of my fav labels and i only own the lp they did ..haha
    thanx for the rip petey

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