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Nick Power – Born to Jam

For people deep in the UK rave scene as it was going down, Nick Power was probably best known as the guy who ran Music Power record shop. Aside from that though, he did quite a few EPs under various guises,
a number of which are in demand / classic tracks. Less die-hard collectors might not recognize some of the artist names or titles, but if you were going to raves or listen to lots of oldskool mixtapes, you definitely know the tunes.

A few of the more well known ones:

  • “Mus Get Dark”- the “zoot zoo wa zoot zootadoo” female vocal tune with super catchy pitch shifted breaks
  • “Call Da Cops”- the jungle remix of the COPS theme song
  • “Chapel of Dub” – the hardcore tune that was actually written for and played at a massive rave when the promoter got married live at the party
  • Eat Life “Bach to Basics” – that classic tune with the bells (which isn’t “bell tune”)
  • Fools Rushin – the jungle remix of UB40 “falling in love”
  • … and on and on. He also did this totally ridiculous tune I still love even if nobody else does!
    Here though we have one of his lesser known singles, a more jungle sounding tune from 93 according to discogs (sounds much more like 94 to me though… maybe it was made later in 93?). I have to admit, I don’t know this from any mixes and took a chance on it when I found it for cheap. Great tune though – big subby bass, catchy reggea vocals, etc.
    By the way, Nick Power is still going strong DJ’ing… check his site for loads of newer mixes of house stuf, top 10 charts, etc.

    Nick Power – Born to Jam

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