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Imaginary Forces – Hardcore Phonography 1995 mix, part 1

Sorry for no posts recently, to make it worse I played a crazy fun show w/ Todd Edwards last night and now my needles are acting a bit wonky.
In the meantime, Anthony Imaginary Forces (who you might have seen on the comments section here or if you’ve checked out some of the ustreams or jungletrain shows) just posted a really nice mix of 95 era tunes. Be sure to check that and his other mixes on his blog Hardcore Phonography, some really good stuff there!!
Imaginary Forces – 1995, part 1

2 Replies to “Imaginary Forces – Hardcore Phonography 1995 mix, part 1”

  1. Thanks Pete! I only just noticed you posted this as I have been busy the past week or so. More mid to late 90′s mixes coming soon, including a very dark selection of 96 & 97 tracks inspired by your massive rinse out of that era the other week on your show.

  2. Imaginary Forces, 1995 (Part 1)

    01 The Two G’s, Energy
    02 The Two G’s, Energy
    03 Dom & Roland, Saigon 006 (Test Pressing)
    04 Droppin’ Science 005
    05 Orca, Liar
    06 Andy C, Cool Down
    07 Mask, Fresh (Remix)
    08 P.F.M., One & Only
    09 Odysee 006 (Promo)
    10 Randall & Andy C, Sound Control (Remix)
    11 Droppin’ Science 001 (Remix)
    12 Splash, Babylon
    13 Roni Size, Step Up
    14 Ed Rush, Guncheck
    15 Dom & Roland Volume Two
    16 Asylum, Da Base II Dark
    17 Roni Size, Timestretch (Origin Unknown Remix)

    By the way Pete. Do you know anything about the two versions of Energy that I play? I have one on Juice Box which I start with and then another on the Reinforced picture disc. Both tracks are titled and credited the same as each other and both came out in 95 but are edited differently with different drums and so on, but neither one is listed as a remix or rearrangement. I have always wondered about this for years.

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