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The Panacea – Big Bad Head Mix part 2

The Panacea just posted Pt 2 of the classic Big Bad Head mix from 2002… I posted that one previously on this blog, and this new one is very in-line with it, though it maybe gets even a bit MORE diverse reaching for a few jungle techno classics that weren’t in the first. Plus there’s at least a few obscure bits which are already posted on this blog, and many more which I already have lined up for posting.
Not sure if there’s download limits on this or what, but, just in case, get to downloading!! Can’t wait till Spring weather hits here, so I can bike around like a madman to this mix…

12 Replies to “The Panacea – Big Bad Head Mix part 2”

  1. Just like I like my ‘ardcore. Solid, ruff and wicked. This is one immense mix. I’m going to be blasting this out of my windows this weekend; only difference is that now I own my own house, not just a bedroom so I’m going to be rocking the estate. “Audio pollution moniters beware! You’re going to be receiving complaints”!

  2. We won’t be releasing this as a cd, just as free DL via
    Soundclound. I guess he is referring to pt.1….thanks for
    the positive feedback! Much appreciated!!

  3. this is the sickest mix I have ever heard…. gonna have to get every one of those tunes…..GOODBYE LIFE SAVINGS! 😛

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