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Rise Productions – Hardcore Frontier

So I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a while (mainly due to that great Yolk Mix and a 92 Fabio studio mix, though I know Easygroove played it as well), and don’t think it’ll leave until I post it. A great early single by the guys behind Juice Records, as well as the parent label of Extra Terrestral (Mega City 2). “Hardcore Frontier” starts with simple little 4/4 kick, piano and not much else… it almost sounds like breaks might not come in at all but they do, followed eventually by the Peter Gabriel sample which the tune is likely named after. This is the perfect example of a tune I thought about posting here a couple years ago and decided against. It’s definitely a great track, and I’ve always liked it, but it’s much more of a mixing track than something for home listening /worth listening to all the way through. After all, it’s nearly 8 minutes long(!), heavily repetitive (though there are a number of varied parts), without much craziness. Still, there’s no remix or edit of it, so this is what you get for now. Definitely worth nabbing as the wimpy intro makes it a joy to mix and that gabriel sample really worms its way into your head!

Rise Productions – Hardcore Frontier

5 Replies to “Rise Productions – Hardcore Frontier”

  1. Tremendous piece of ’92 fodder this one… Typical example of the type of tune played out by Easygroove & Top Buzz during the summer which nobody else seemed to know of?

  2. great f*cking post, cheers!
    this is one of my fave tunes, until now had to make do with a crappy youtube rip. it was played plenty on the pirates when it came out but for some reason wasn’t picked up by many of the top djs apart from topbuzz and easygroove

  3. Had the ‘jeux sans frontieres’ bit in my head,for years aswell.Cracking tune.Knew it was on a Top buzz tape somewhere.Cannot believe its so old know.

  4. Been looking for this forever but never knew what it was called! Like someone else here, I knew it was on a Top Buzz tape “get off the speakers” , Fantazia 92 summertime .

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