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Bay B Kane interview part 2

Continuing with the interview, part 1 is below.
Also, anyone looking to contact Bay B Kane can email him at

Different Aliases

I will try to answer the question about all the different aliases which i released tracks under. First of all, lets see how many i can remember…

  • Bay b Kane
  • Kid Thunder
  • Double Tee
  • Rinca
  • Code K
  • Intelligent Junglist
  • Icon
  • Parallel These are the ones that i can remember, but there may have been one or two more

    The reasons behind having all these different names were quite simple really..

    1. Sometimes it was purely for STEALTH reasons… especially with experimental tracks.
    2. A way of releasing many tracks without over crowding or overexposing an established artist name.
    3. Because of certain styles or sounds, which can be associated with a specific name or artist as the case may be.

    Have a Break

    “Have A Break” was indeed one of the very first strictly jungle breakbeat sample-friendly cd’s. During a conversation with Andy Bailey, who was the label manager at Whitehouse, I was telling him about the time when I encountered Johnny L’s management people running around like headless chickens frantically phoning people up and saying “Johnny needs breaks”… “he needs original breaks can you help?”… hahaha!! And we were cracking up (as you do) and he said that it would be great to do a full length CD of exactly what we were talking about: Breaks, but not just breaks by themselves… variations of breaks, break bounces, chopped up edits, all that type of stuff which I used to spend hours constructing sometimes. I was slightly against it at first, but then Andy said “I dont want you to include anything that you haven’t used before”. That persuaded me to go ahead and compile this breakbeat cd over a period of 4 weeks…

    Of course, some people may remember the slogan for that chocolate wafer bar called KitKat which was “Have a Break..Have a KitKat”… so we did the cover and the name like the KitKat wrapper!! Dunno if we were infringing any copyrights there but who And so it was released and (surprisingly) did fairly well. I’ve since heard many tunes that borrowed breaks from “Have a Break” but I’m not gonna mention any names, coz i don’t want to put anyone on da spot… Plus, it was intended exactly for that purpose, so BIGUP everyone who used samples from “Have a Break”.

    Studio Equipment

    This is a good question and I’m gonna tell you exactly what kind of setup i had back in 1990 to 1996, studio equipment wise…

  • my mixing desk was a 24 into 8 into 2 SECK with a totally silent phantom power unit…i really loved that mixer.
  • AKAI S900 and an S950, giving me 16 seperate sample outputs
  • Roland JUNO1 as my main keyboard and midi controller
  • Alesis Qudraverb and a Midiverb II for effects
  • KORG M1 rack module
  • ATARI-STFM computer which I ran strictly and only CUBASE on for sequencing and
  • My monitors were TANNOY Berkeley 18inch dual concentrics for the final 5 years.

    My studio was named THE FRIDGE because it was in an old industrial refrigerator which had walls that were 4 feet thick, that consisted of sheet metal brick then sand and brick and sheet metal again!! Amazing soundproofing, very atmospheric… I remember marathon sessions in there with Mickey Finn, T Para and Sherry (my Rood Project partner)…and it’s no exaggeration for me to say that hours and days used to go by without being noticed in there, as you had no concept of time of day or night as it had no windows. It was an amazing place to create music.

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