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Mega City 2 – Spice (Unreleased 1994 Jungle)

Here’s a special treat for you guys… an unreleased 1994 dubplate by Mega City 2, who I’ve previously posted a few tunes by. This is a one-off dubplate that got made in 1994, according to the guy who posted a link up:

It was amongst a batch of 100 Acetates that were stored in a hole in a wall behind a kitchen sink for 18 years. It was sadly the one at the top and it was out of a sleeve. I tried my very best to clean the dust off this but just couldn’t budge the crackles at the start. It is the only one ever pressed (Confirmed by Artist). Thought id share this briefly and the take it down. I’l take it down very soon and i’m sure enough of ya will have a WAV now to share amongst yourselves.

The tune itself is great, nice choppy jungle with standard 93/94 sounds. The link posted was a WAV, and it was pretty crackly… so I got a friend to run it trhough some basic EQ and declick/denoiser plugs, and converted it to 320 mp3 for you guys.

Mega City 2 – Spice (Unreleased) remaster

Edit: track removed pending official release on 8205, including digital!! 

Big thanks to DJ Quicklung for ripping this rare piece of jungle history!!

22 Replies to “Mega City 2 – Spice (Unreleased 1994 Jungle)”

  1. Fuck! How can this only have one pressing, and what retard would leave it under the sink for two decades? Really nice.

  2. There’s actually a good reason why they were stored away like that, I’m sworn to secrecy by the person who posted + ripped it though 🙂

  3. thanks for the link the wav download doesnt seem to be avaliable now-can someone please upload it to mediafire or something

  4. Mega City 2 made such great tunes for the most part, ranging from ‘Amazon’ to the downright schizophrenic ‘I Still Dream’.

    Seems like they could turn their hands to pretty much any style, put them in a melting pot, and come out with something spectacularly catchy or intriguing as a result.

    Such a pity the best tunes are so damn expensive for those not lucky enough to own them already (£120 for Nightwalker anyone?).

    I’d love to see some re-releases of their tunes, or better still some unreleased stuff, if this tune is anything to go by 🙂

  5. so true… pretty much everything they’ve got released is high quality, and I bet there’s at least a few other tracks that never saw the light of day. Sadly I haven’t heard of any DATs turning up (dat was specifically lost on this one).if they do though… maybe 7th story/blogtotheoldskool collab release? 🙂

    Oh yeah I love Nightwalker but feel bad even playing my copy now since it’s such a pricey tune… one drunken needle mishap and my retirement plan is out the window..

  6. Yeah Pete, would love to do a reissue of their stuff, especially anything unreleased. I’m such a fanboy of their stuff it’d be something of a dream project!

    Although Nightwalker does really need another press (that said I am lucky enough to own a nice copy of it) too, I’m vaguely remember trying to contact Jon, without response, a year or two back, guess he’s split from the program.

    I can’t find Darren for love nor money, if anyone knows where he’s contactable, let me know! 🙂

  7. hey pete the flip side to this was posted up on the forum but iv missed the link as its dead now, did you grab a copy? its called Ruffneck Murderer

  8. Hiya Pete matey, first off massive thanks for posting this, i’m currently in the process of cleaning it & i’ve got the first 10 seconds pretty clear.

    I missed the flip side link for Rough Neck Murderer also, any chance of a new link please & if it needs cleaning i’ll have a crack at it & send you the links for the cleaned versions : )

  9. This is jon from mega city 2 here I am shocked that our tunes are so revered and I can’t belive that night walker is fetching £120 , cheers for all the great comments guys its shocking. To think people still love my tunes more than 20 years on I’m just gutted I don’t ave the dats any more.

  10. @Jonathan, nightwalker is one of my favourite tunes, hands down! Huge ups, man.

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