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Death By Stereo

I’ve previously posted about DJ Dance’s other less-known EP, however the movie “The Lost Boys” was on cable Sunday night and reminded me of his biggest tune, “Death By Stereo”. This track is unfortunately hard to find in original press, but there was a bootleg a few years ago of decent quality which is occasionally findable for cheap (I nabbed mine for 50p a few years back). This EP takes most of its samples (and its name) from “The Lost Boys”, including the theme music (“Cry Little Sister” by Gerard McMann), “Death by Stereo!” and “No! My Brother!”. it contains 4 different mixes of the same track, I’m posting the 3rd since it’s the most manic and reminds me a bit of Jem 77’s “Never Felt This Way (hyper mix)”.

Death By Stereo (Mix 3)

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  1. I did the rapping on mix 4 of this record although i only found out tonight from a DJ how popular this song was .It was recorded in 92 in a garage studio in grangetown Cardiff one Sunday afternoon and I think the rap took me about half an hour to write loll,funny thing is i didn’t even have a copy myself so i bought one tonight (and its all over you tube etc. -CRAZY how shit passes you by lol

  2. Hah, nice! Thanks for leaving a comment, do you remember how you got asked to be on the record? Did you know DJ Dance at the time?
    It’s definitely a heavily sought after classic… super catchy and energetic.

  3. The situation was this, I was 1 of 3 (2 MC,s & 1 D. J in an unsigned hardcore rap group called BEST SHOT doing the same sort of stuff as groups like hijack,gunshot,mc duke etc .We were from the South Wales valleys trying to get a record deal, and although reasonably well known in our area we wanted to get known in cardiff where there was a massive rap community building up ,so by chance we recruited another member from the city( but that’s another story lol) area and got our name known in the Cardiff scene where we were given the chance of free studio time by a local music producer called Ian Galliven after loads of recording we were asked to do a rap on a dance track he was doing called feel it under the name pyrogenic by For GSP (garage sound productions)I didn’t rap on that one my mate did it ,it was quite successful and then he released another track based on the banana splits theme music, which also did well ,death by stereo was then recorded , on which I did the rapping but as far as I knew it was never released, that was in 1992 . See the post above for the rest .believe it or not the original group line up , just the three of us have now started recording again after nearly 20 years ,hence me hearing from my old dj (DJ C.A.S.E) who originally left to be an old skool

  4. Continued from Above ……

    DJ ( new sloop at the time lol)which is how he knew of the records release and it’s popularity .it was released under the name DJ Dance (terrible name lol) without my knowledge ,and only now I’ve learned of it’s cult status lol. Good times I just wish I would have known it was released ( could have done a few gigs to promote it )but when the group split up we all went separate ways and I suppose Ian gallivan lost my phone number lol, and that’s why I was never contacted – that’s it, a very, very long story which I’ve made VERY VERY SHORT believe it or not – thanks for the interest and if you ever want a live performance ,then give us a shout lol-kind regards
    M.C. SIRE

  5. Quality stuff & an interesting read…. Always great when a story comes to light regarding the original circumstances of a tune like this being made.

    Ian Gallivan was responsible for some decent output with the GSP & Pyrogenic stuff, not everyone’s cuppa’ but I rate both highly. Also did the Oral B EP’s….

  6. Yeah the Feel It (Tec Mix) was rinsed out at events by various DJ’s in early ’92 despite it’s ’91 release. Quality stuff…. :))

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