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Dopeski & Jakes

The weather has been pretty cold and shitty in Boston lately, so here’s some 93 darkness courtesy of Dopeski & Jakes.

First up is the Snowstorm EP on Wardance Records. “Snowstorm” has all the trappings of a quality early darkside tune – twisted synths, chopped beats, screams, etc. “Cantankerous” is the lightest of the four tracks on the EP, but is a nice ragga jam with heavy rave synths and beats that jump back and fourth between amens and “give it up or turn it loose”, among other breakbeats.

Dopeski & Jakes – Snowstorm
Dopeski & Jakes – Cantankerous

Dopeski & Jakes’ second EP was on Face Records, one of the best labels for 93-94 deep and dark tracks. It’s a quality 4 tracker, where the first track on each side is a bit more solid and dancefloor-ready, but the second track is far more chopped and darker. It’s probably obvious which style I prefer… here’s A2 and B2:

Dopeski & Jakes – Mutant Ideology
Dopeski & Jakes – (Be Warned) We’re Back

As a bonus, here’s another track off the Wardance label, by its owner DJ Dance. DJ Dance is much more well known for his “Death By Stereo” EP (which I’ll post sometime soon), but this is also a solid EP.
DJ Dance – Menthol (Sore throat Mix)[discogs]

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  1. thanks for the info, I don’t know much about reggae / ragga, so ragga jungle sources have always been a mystery to me.

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