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DJ Rap – Your Mind (Gimp & Steve C Mix)

My turntable needles are still gone, so here’s an rip I did for my own listening purposes ages ago… it actually fits in very well with what I’ve been posting a lot of lately: singles which, by virtue of not being particularly rare or well known, are super cheap and in heavy supply despite being really good. In this case, you’ve got some EXCELLENT 94 choppy jungle. There’s a solid Pete Parsons engineered A-side which is great in its own right, coupled with this remix by 2 of my favorite proto-choppage maestros: Gimp & Steve C from Skeleton Records. The music is a little bit “94-95 jazz-lite”, but not unlistenably so, and if anything this contrasts nicely with the totally out-of-control drum programming. Good stuff!

DJ Rap – Your Mind (Gimp + Steve C Mix)

12 Replies to “DJ Rap – Your Mind (Gimp & Steve C Mix)”

  1. I made this! thanks for posting ,I don’t even have a copy myself!Must admit your info is spot on,Did we meet back in the day.Yeah our mix was the first mix,pete at monroes and dj rap knocked up a quick remix.

  2. If your afte some more stuff I did look for sensi addict by the candyman and a corner to the square by steve c and dj magic on hyper records

  3. Steve. It’s Damian. How are ya fella? Was talking to Tuhin about you just the other day. Karl mentioned that he bumped into you recently. If you see this. Leave me a message and we’ll find a way to link up.

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