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Blog to the Oldskool Radio Feb 8th 2015: 1993-1996 Jungle

Really fun show last night, thanks to everyone who locked in! Always good to have people in the chatroom keeping it lively, also got some nice requests made which fit the show well. Apologies for not getting to the PFM one on, I found out my copy of “wash over me” is pretty nasty sounding and needs a good cleaning.

I mostly played old stuff during this show, but there’s a few new tunes things sprinkled in, including a new one by Thumbzo, the Invisible Man “Unreleased History” EP, and the new Tim Reaper “Need Money For Laptop” Bandcamp EP which I mentioned a day or two ago. Made a few edits to take out the talk on top and faded out the last track but otherwise all there.


The Occupant – Planetary Affair
Basic Movements- Bubble and Whine
Temptation Project – Planetary Feelings (Drum and Bass Mix)
Unknown Face – Step Down
Noodles + Wonder – Dub Soup EP
Vision – The Unmistakable
Jonny L – Tychtonic Cycle
Krust – Poison
? – ? (no cat # just a lengthy matrix number)
Advantage – Breaks in Space
Eddie – Intelligent Drumer (Steve Gurley Remix)
DJ Ron – Mo Music EP
Brothers With Soul – Music is So Special
Digital – Take Me Away
Artinis – Inna Rhythm
Tim Reaper – Bring in the Chuck Beats
Invisible Man – Sunburst (Amens Last Stand)
Electric Aura – Oxygen
System X – Mindgames
Prizna – No Man No Bad (Grooverider Remix)
Undergraduates – Into the Future
Rogue Unit – Luv Dub
Splash – Rugged and Raw
Thumbzo – Jack That
007 – Time Travel
DJ Redoo – Bulldozer
New Age – Thunder
Sponge – Shabbutz
Octave One – Chill Out
M-Beat – Morning Will Come (G Moni Mix)
Renegade – Something I Feel
Jungle Neck – JN001
Original Substitute – Feel Free
Intensity – X files pt 2 EP
Koda – Dat Sound
DJ Devine + Essence – Ease Up
Rinse001 (Darkman)
Truper – Vol 1
Kaos Theory – Sooth My Soul

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