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Tag: wishdokta

Wishdokta – Rush Hour (Last Minute Mix)

I used to think of Wishdokta more for his techno hardcore tracks like “Evil Surrounds Us” or his happy hardcore, but he also did some absolutely mental, absolutely essential 92-93 hardcore/jungle. This whole EP is great, but “Rush Hour” in particular checks all the boxes for me – fast and frantic, cut up and layered…

The Raver’s Choice – I Want Your Body

as mentioned in the comments today, I totally forgot about this EP. The Raver’s Choice (Vibes + Wishdokta) – I want your body And, my favorite MJ sampling record which I *don’t* own (but am always looking for a cheap copy of if anyone has a spare…) D Livin’ – Why

Got Enya Hardcore?

I don’t have time to write up a comprehensive post on a single artist today… instead, here’s a collection of tunes that all share the same (in this case seriously cheesy) sample source: “Orinoco Flow” by Enya. The first track is from a good 92 whitelabel by DJ Trace – Supposedly titled “Rudeboy Hardcore” according…