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Industrial Espionage – 4 U 2 B In XTC EP

Big in-demand 92 whitelabel for today! “4 U 2 B In XTC” was an EP by Grant Nelson, the man behind Wishdokta / many of the great Kickin’ Records releases as well as one of UKG’s progenitors. This EP, done under the one-off “Industrial Espionage” alias, might be just a little bit rougher around the edges than some of his Kickin’ stuff… however it’s still great quality for a white label release, and retains all the fun and catchiness of his best on-label tunes of the time. Rather than being a recent super obscure unearthing, as far as I can remember this EP has always been pretty sought. It’s no wonder, given the contents of this tune: Electric Choc’s “Shock The Beat” pianos, big sub bass, heavy breakbeats, rave stabs, plus some crazy vocals about e… practically the de-facto recipe for a feel-good 92 hardcore tune.

industrial espionage – 4 u 2 b In XTC A1

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