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Xenophobia – Project 250

Xenophobia was a project featuring Grant Nelson (aka Wishdokta) and 2 other producers. The MC’ing (by MC Scallywag of Spiral Tribe) isn’t my favorite, but fits the track given how “live” this tune sound. Regardless of that, this tune is fucking CRAZY. I command you to press play and jump around / bob your head like mad….. DO IT NOW!

Xenophobia – Project 250

4 Replies to “Xenophobia – Project 250”

  1. Had this 12″,too.. But got so annoyed at that MC so I sold it.. This release would be a MONSTER without those freaking vocals, fast and furious, absolutely clever programming and all.. Maybe I’m just having a bad day or I’m regretting selling this one.. 🙂

  2. totally agree w yell-o-phase. still have mine though, but to play it i have to be in the right state of mind so to speak

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