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The Raver’s Choice – I Want Your Body

as mentioned in the comments today, I totally forgot about this EP.

The Raver’s Choice (Vibes + Wishdokta) – I want your body

And, my favorite MJ sampling record which I *don’t* own (but am always looking for a cheap copy of if anyone has a spare…)
D Livin’ – Why

5 Replies to “The Raver’s Choice – I Want Your Body”

  1. Holy shit I completely forgot I have this too, I have most of the raver’s choice records, some of them are such shit but I cant help but love them anyways (hey jude especially, what a load of awesome crap)

  2. BTW does anyone know who made raver’s choice 6? I keep hearing the fabulous fabber or vibes or both but I can’t seem to find a consensus

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