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Got Enya Hardcore?

I don’t have time to write up a comprehensive post on a single artist today… instead, here’s a collection of tunes that all share the same (in this case seriously cheesy) sample source: “Orinoco Flow” by Enya.

The first track is from a good 92 whitelabel by DJ Trace – Supposedly titled “Rudeboy Hardcore” according to Discogs, though my EP doesn’t say that anywhere I can see. It’s got quite a few different parts and changeups, overall a quality tune.

DJ Trace – Rudeboy Hardcore

This next one isn’t as good, but the other songs on the EP are pretty nice. In fact, all 3 Nightbreed EPs on Little Giant are quality and easy to find. This track also rips vocal lines from Human Resource “Dominator” and T99 “Anasthasia”.

Nightbreed – Never Been to Orinoco

This next one is one of the better tracks, off the classic label Absolute 2. I’m not sure what else Deluxe did, but this EP is wicked:

Deluxe – A1

The final track is off one of the harder-to-find and more expensive EP’s by Grant Nelson (Wishdokta). This track uses a secondary part of “Orinoco Flow” instead of the main melody, and has some singing from Opus III “fine day” pitched up to the sky:

Double X-Posure – Go With the Flow

6 Replies to “Got Enya Hardcore?”

  1. Love the Double X-Posure tune, but that’s not Opus III, it’s Orbital – Halcyon (and on and on)

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