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Mad Bats – Wake the Town

OK, one more another mega obscurity. I promise I’ll get back to the slightly more well known stuff soon! Here’s something I found a few years ago while digging through non-UK oldskool jungle related listings on discogs (in this case, stuff from the US). I got it for a buck, had it in my sell pile for a while, then recently chucked it on the decks for one last listen while grabbing stuff for a recent record fair. For some reason, I kinda liked it in an odd way, so kept it for now… Honestly, I can’t fully justify that as there’s nothing too crazy happening here, just a classic reggae sample stuttered and some vaguely trancey synths with dnb-ish beats. But it is a nice combo and stuck with me a bit. Of course no idea about the artist, and the label put out all sorts of electronic stuff from house music to techno hardcore, acid, etc One thing I can guarantee is that almost no one checking this blog (short of Tykal) has probably heard this before, so here, give it a listen.

Mad Bats – Wake The Town

2 Replies to “Mad Bats – Wake the Town”

  1. Nice to see we have good music listeners. I am the artist. And I want to thank you . DJ Cadet and Roland Richards the mad bats.

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