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Blog to the Oldskool Radio March 24th, 2013

Here’s Sunday’s show… I had to rerecord it because there were more server hickups (or possibly issues with my connection) that caused 3-4 dropouts. I definitely need to sort the problems out before next show, it kind of killed the flow over an otherwise smooth running set.

For this show, I mostly played records I had picked for a set opening for DJ Dara a few nights prior, with a few tracks changed out. It’s mostly focused on atmospheric jungle moving into ragga stuff, with a few diversions into darker/weirder tunes to keep things interesting. Probably one of the more listenable blog to the oldskool radio shows in a while, not too obscure and beardy selection-wise (though there’s a number of mad choppy moments).

Next show is on April 7th, 2013.

Dev/Null – Blog to the Oldskool Radio March 24th 2013

Jodeci – Feenin (LTJ Bukem Remix)
PFM – One and Only
Wild Orkid – Magic in You
Fast Floor – Sweat Shop
Klute – Right or Wrong
Rhymeside – Friends (Brown Remix)
Renegade – Something I Feel
Intelligent Minds – Forever Real
Ruff with the Smooth – Twisted Girl
Dom & Roland – Wax Musical
System X – Mindgames
Hyper-On Experience – Thundergrip (Kaotic Chemistry Remix)
Hopa and Bones Feat Oasys – Mystical Horns
T Power – Triangle
DR S Gachet – The Dreamer (Nookie Remix)
Siege – Deep (Part 1)
On Remand – Controllin (Tango Remix)
Atomic Dog – Cosmic Jam
Da Dogz – Non Stop
Fallen Angels – Oh Yeah (Back 2 Basics Remix)
Unknown – Brandy Jungle remix
Baraka & Master Laquar – Million and One
Marc Caro – Sling Wide
Gappa G & Hypa Hyper – Roach is Burning
The Outlaw – OG Call
General Degree- Papa Lover
Unknown – Odysee
Break of Dawn – Untitled
Kemet Crew – The Box Re-opens
DJ Scoobie – Wait for the Bass
DJ Panik – Untitled
The Dominion – Fusion (Cool Like this Remix)
Mafia – Black Hand Volume 1
Alladin – So Good (Heavy Remix)

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