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Motiv-8 – Don’t Need Your Love (Slammin’ Piano Mix)

Here’s a happy hardcore remix by Red Alert + Mike Slammer, a bit later than their more well known earlier Slammin’ Vinyl releases. By the time this was released, happy hardcore as a sound had become more established, and as such the track construction is bit less metal and more in-line with the other popular hhc tunes of that time. No crazy amiga samplefest stuff / pilfered melodies popping up every 16 or 32 bars, just amens, a stompy kick and hat loop, some timestretched breaks, and those slammin’ pianos as mentioned in the title. Quite a sparse arrangement for the Slammin’ Vinyl guys, but it works pretty well, and coupled with the vocals and piano ends up being a bit of an ear-worm! Even if it’s not your favorite at first listen you might find yourself coming back to it soon enough. Hoping this tune comes to a surprise for some fans of early Red Alert + Mike Slammer stuff, as it’s one I certainly overlooked until recently. Enjoy and be sure to nab a copy on wax if you do!

Motiv-8 – Dont Need Your Love (Slammin Piano Mix)

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