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Global – Rock Steady

Here’s possibly the best 92 oldschool track made in the US… one of those super simple and straight-ahead tunes that gets stuck in your head the first time you listen to it. It comes from one of the Metropolis Remix service records, a series of promo-only releases that mainly contain domestic edits and remixes of many classic UK hardcore and techno tunes. The producers responsible here, Robert Vaughan and Josh Kay, used to work at a store called Oak Lawn Records. According to at least one person I talked to, these guys were supposed to have a release on Moving Shadow, but it fell through for some reason or another. Gotta love the little diced break segue at 1:21!

Global – Rock Steady

4 Replies to “Global – Rock Steady”

  1. Actually, Rob worked at Oak Lawn Records. I believe Excel was just a label. Oak Lawn was both a physical store and a label.

  2. lol i’d dispute that with my limited knowledge of the US side of things

    The Core – High In The Jungle is a proper tune!!

    off one of the 140BPM+ comps.

    absolute belter!!!

  3. ah, forgot about that one…I think it was made by some in California, right?
    Great tune, I really like this “Rock Steady” track though… simple but raging!

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