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Plastic Clothes Mechanics (Pre-Hyper-On Experience/EZ Rollers)

Here’s an interesting tune of historical note… I believe it was the first released single by Alex and Jay of EZ Rollers (of which Alex was 1/2 of Hyper-On Experience). It dates back to 1990… that’s not just some made-up date on discogs, the record actually says “copyright 1990” on it. You can hear it in the track as the production is pretty rough, but still, it’s fun to hear where these guys started from.

Plastic Clothes Mechanics – Come On, Yea

3 Replies to “Plastic Clothes Mechanics (Pre-Hyper-On Experience/EZ Rollers)”

  1. thanks, cool piece of history, better than I thought it would be too esp. for something produced in ’90 – I thought it was going to be more Mentasm-ish but it just sounds like ardkore well slowed down.

    also I’d like to thank you again for posting that amazing Hyper-On E livet set, which I’ve listened to probably a dozen times the way whole through the last few weeks.

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