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Scratch C & Shaka Black – Dread Ah Star

I’m actually in the UK right now, checking Bangface Weekender this weekend. This trip, I decided to chuck a tiny portable record player in my bag, so I could play and even rip records during any down time.

Well, it’s Sunday night and despite being in London it seems there’s not much going on, so here’s one of the nice tracks I’ve grabbed so far on this trip. The sound might be a bit worse than usual but, based on my tiny headphones, it seems OK to me.

I’m not going to pretend that this Scratch C EP is the best release on Pharaoh – there’s actually a few which are far better. For one, the classic Lethal Kemistry “Yaga Yung” EP is just mental and a must-grab (I’ve never found a cheap copy myself). However, that one is also next to impossible to find, wheras this is a nice somewhat overlooked tune which can be had for next to nothing whenever. I found my copy for 3 pounds and was happy to grab it. The breaks may be a bit straight and loopy, but the bass is heavy and there’s nice vocal and music bits throughout (including that classic bell melody from The Invisible Man – “The End”). The two mixes are similar I think one has more vocals than the other. A nice EP for ragga jungle fans tired of playing the same anthems.

Scratch C & Shaka Black – Dread Ah Star

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