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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – April 14th 2015 (UK Trip Special)

At long last, here’s a recording of the last jungletrain radio show, featuring all records I bought while I was on a 2 week trip to the UK. I did a lot of blabbering during the show which I wasn’t crazy about (ID’ing tracks etc) so I did a hasty rerecord last week, and cut that down a bit more, chopping out a few sections so you get 49 tracks in 97 minutes.

Big thanks to everyone tuned in live and in the chat for this set!
As for the records: this was my first UK trip in 4 years, and unlike previous trips where I’ve had a ton of luck scrouging in stores, it seems like most stores either have wised up to online prices or a lot more people are out hunting for those records. So the bulk of what I bought was just cheap good records I’ve been meaning to buy for many years but never wanted to pay postage on before (1 pound record + 10 pounds postage, hrmmm). As a nice side effect of that, most of the tunes in this mix are quite easy to pick up if you dig them – it’s not a pure bargain bin selection, but definitely strongly tending towards that. Starts with a few 93 bits, quickly moves to 94-95, and I closed it out with a few 97/98 bits. One of the bets scores of the trip was the final track “Tripping On Technology” by The Invisible Man, which I Grabbed for 50p in an MVE bargain bin. Those bins are horribly picked through and reduced in size these days, so finding that one took some luck + effort!

Inta-Warriors – Aqua Pure
Black Eye – Grasshopper
Sacred – Kall Da Kops Remix
Revival – Root of All Evil
Stakka + K Tee – Serious Intention
Asend + Ultravibe – Real Love
Aladdin – Geni (of the Lamp Mix)
Mark X (Exidus EP) – Time
? (to be posted this week.. check back in a day or 2!)
Kid Twist – Live & Direct
DJ Rap – Roughest
DJ Solo & Aura- Justice
Slim Linton – Come On
Sacred – Come On
Sub Sequence – Release
Stix – Mild Insight
Ils & Solo – In the Area
Blame + Justice – Anthemia
Funky Technicians – Day By Day
Soundcraft – Ruff Ride
D’Styles & Hopkirk – Sensi (Second Coming)
Ultravibe – The Guardian Angel
Liquid Wax LW95001 – Relax
System Ex – Mindgames (Dub Mix)
Jazz Juice – Jazz Juice
Ruff Element – Make It Alright
MC Jay-J – Feelin (Jay-J Remix)
Elizabeth Troy – Greater Love (Grooverider Hardstep Mix)
Missing – Flex & Relax
Aphrodite – Basslights (Addict Mix)
Nemeton – Transam (LTJ Bukem Remix)
Sounds of Life – Release The Bells (Wax doctor Remix)
Pigbag & DJ Vibes – Can You Reach
Future Bound – Sorrow
Elementz of Noise – Astral
2G’s – Big Up Ya Chest
Outlaws – OG Call Remix
Beats R Us – Clear & Present Danger
The X – Boomin (Intalex Rmx)
Embee – Rude Dog
ST Files – ST Files Pt 1
Doc Scott – Drumz ‘95 (Nasty Habits Remix(
Decoder – Vapour Dub
Future Forces – Flash Gordon
CyberChotic – Wraith
DJ Trax – Distant Relative (@ 45)
The Invisible Man – Tripping on Technology

2 Replies to “Blog to the Oldskool Radio – April 14th 2015 (UK Trip Special)”

  1. Excellent mix! I am surprised some of these were in the discount bin, some were pretty well known tracks and played quite a bit.

  2. Thanks, yeah honestly most of these weren’t in the bargain bin per-se, just regular cheap records in the jungle section of various stores. Lots of reasonably big press label stuff (back 2 basics etc) so even if they’re known tunes they were plentifully pressed so easy to find. Still, really good tunes and nice to be able to buy a 2 GBP tune without the 10GBP first record, 2-3GBP extra record crazy shipping costs.

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