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Persian Prince – Desertism

Here’s a nice track I nabbed recently by Persian Prince, which I actually bought from Persian Prince (he has a number of his old releases for sale on discogs in unplayed condition no less). It’s always great to be able to buy copies of a record from the original artist, knowing the cash is going to the creator rather than a secondhand collector. In case any of you want to nab one too, here’s his discogs sales page. A couple years ago I posted something off his Don Gorgon EP, and this doesn’t fall too far from that EP style-wise. This track is probably my favorite of the two, with the standout being the Middle Eastern singing and music, something which you rarely hear in oldskool. Since I was in touch with him buying these records, I asked him about the samples and got this info back:

The vocal is an Iranian modern singer called ‘Sharhrom Solatti’, singing about his journeys as he travels. The other main sample is the ‘Ney’ flute, which is very traditional still in Iranian culture, old & new….the Whirling Dervishes consider it a spiritual instrument.
The film sample voice is ‘Jefferey Hunter’ playing ‘Attila the Hun’ from a 1950-1960 hollywood movie.
And, yeah – thats my voice being timestreched at the beginning…hahaha!!

Aside from the samples mentioned above, the breaks are nice and gritty, well chopped and reminiscent of the stuff Bizzy B was producing around 91/92. According to PP, these tracks were written and released in 1992, not 1994 as Discogs says. It seems reasonable to me, though they definitely sound like they could have been made at any time during that range.

Persian Prince – Desertism

Since doing these tracks, PP has also done a bunch of newer style tunes some garage tracks, some dnb, etc. Here’s a recent set from Kool FM featuring a lot of his tunes, including the one posted above:

Also, here’s a new DNB EP he did which just came out a month or two ago, available on Phonica, Beatport, etc.

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  1. Just grabbed the 2 oldskool bits. Did he have copies of The Gorgon Wise EP for sale as im missing that one too.

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